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'Endless is the Way Leading Home The Art of Stephen Csoka'
Reprinted with permission of the Hofstra Museum, Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York

The works of Stephen Csoka (1897 – 1989) reflects a lifetime of passions, hardships, triumphs, and change.  Referred to as a romantic realist, his career spans seven decades – decades of fluctuation and turbulence in Europe and the United States.  Throughout his career, through stylistic and aesthetic transitions, his insight, emotions and skill held fast as did his devotion and drive to create art, whether a painting, pastel, etching, lithograph, or drawing.  Csoka believed drawing could take you anywhere.  His particular ardor for drawing set the stage for many events in his life; even saved it. 

'Vassiliy Petrovich Kossenkov, Master Russian Impressionist Painter'

The name Vassiliy Petrovich Kossenkov is rightly mentioned in the same rank with the names of such famous Soviet landscape painters as Efrem I. Zverkov, Nikolai Efimovich Timkov, Vladimir Y. Yukin, and Vladimir Fedorovich Tokarev. These masters are brought together by openness, simplicity, and delicacy.  The emotional intensity of their creations is rooted in their tender allegiance to their native land.  

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"A Vision of Life" - Makk Family

Eva and Americo Makk were fused into an unprecedented art development by fate and circumstance. After completing their studies in the Academies of Paris and Rome,

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'Soviet Era Master Impressionist'
$125.00 (Coffee Table Book)

Fedor Zakharov was an artist by vocations, by profession and by way of life.  He was a famous, respected, and recognized master during his lifetime.  He was named the People’s Artist of Ukraine, given the laureate of the State Award of Crimea, made therecipient of the T. G. Shevchenko  State Award of Ukraine and awarded with two orders. 

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'Reflections From Russia, Volume III, Fedor Zakharov'

“Fedor Zakharov is a master of transferring effects of light.  Bright solar light, vanishing twilight, soft evening glow, and the cold lunar effects of the moon – all are found in the varied landscapes of the artist. Interest in Zakharov is growing year to year, both in Russia and abroad.  Society in general does not yet realize his place in the cultural context of the second half of the twentieth century, but there is an intuitive feeling that his art is original and of high cultural value.  Creative advances always outpace public acceptance.  The process of defining Fedor Zakharov’s cultural status is progressing at a normal rate for the cultural process …”
Olga Kostina, Editor-in-Chief of Russian Gallery magazine (State Tretyakov Gallery Edition) | Doctor of Art Criticism | Senior Scientist of the State Art Institute

"Romantic Oil Painting Made Easy" - Robert Hagan

Robert Hagan reveals his secret techniques for creating romantic oil paintings the easy way. In his no-nonsense way, Robert Hagan explains the nuts and bolts of making a painting, and describes how to work with the two "mother colours".

This teaching book will not only show you Robert's romantic oil painting techniques but also a unique way to interpret the world of nature around you.
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 "Painting Cowboys and the Old West" - Robert Hagan

If you’ve ever struggled with getting action into your oil paintings, then take heart because Robert Hagan has come galloping to your rescue. In this instructive book, Robert shows you all the elements that go to making a painting with so much “oomph” it will stop people in their tracks.
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