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James Tylich features Soviet Era Impressionist Piotr Andrianov (1916-1995). Excerpt from Mr. Andrianov's biography: "----At Piotr's last school exhibitionhis his work drew the attention of Igor Grabar, rector of the Moscow Fine Art Institute and one of Russia’s greatest painters in his own right. Igor Grabar invited Piotr Andrianov to join his first year students at their practical work session in Troitskoe Village near Moscow. The young artist did so and began a period of fruitful and difficult study. ---"

What's in the crates? Gallery Owner James Tylich gives us a glimpse....

Jim Tylich highlights Piotr Andrianov's "A Woman's Portrait", and compares Piotr Andrianov and Fedor Zakharov

Jim Tylich features portrait by a Master ..."capturing feelings" | V. Nesterov "Girl In White Dress"

 Jim Tylich showing Semen A. Rotnitski's Three Soldiers. Mr. Rotnitski was a foremost portrait painter from Russia, and became a professor of art at Kazan Art College between 1948-1960; Leningrad Higher Arts and Crafts College from 1965-1981.

 Jim Tylich introduces Semen A. Rotnitski's "Portrait Of G.O. Leshinskii", 1992

Vail Fine Art Gallery, welcomes Western, Contemporary Artist Chance Hays on Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29, 2014.

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